The Syndicate

From here you can easily see the progress I’ve made for the blanket squares of specifically the members of the Syndicate as well as the blog posts that they’re originally from!

I’m always open for suggestions to what you feel I should do next to improve the squares or if you have any other Syndicate inspired blanket ideas so please let me know! Comment on here, send me a DM on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr but please don’t be afraid to offer your suggestions!

Flag blog post: First Four Flags


Protesilaus: Founder, Recruiter
Mark One

A simple design based off of the crown he wears

Related blog post: Sleepy Bois Mark 1

Philza (Minecraft)

Zephyrus: Founder
Mark One

Designed with the iconic hardcore heart in mind this was the first square I made for the blanket, though the design is likely to change quite drastically

Related blog post: Sleepy Bois Mark 1


Photo by Vie Studio on

(please send me ideas for Ranboo’s square I don’t want to go down the basic Ender Pearl Route so please help me)


Photo by Vie Studio on

(would it be far too on the nose for me to do a burning L’Manberg flag?)

First Four Flags

I have to say this to start with because holy shit it’s been annoying me but it’s also kind of really funny – I completed a project before these four flags. It’s a rabbit, however, I can’t post about it yet because it doesn’t ever stop raining up in Harris and so I can’t take…

Sleepy Bois Squares (Mark 1)

Hey guys! Sorry about the brief hiatus from the blog – I’ve been travelling to Scotland and also been spending a lot of time designing patterns – including the patterns for this post! Anyway, this is the first look and attempt at some squares for my Dream SMP-inspired blanket! I chose to do Sleepy Bois…

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Welcome to my blog! You guys can call me Freddie – I’m 19 years old, I’m on a gap year and I use she/her pronouns and am a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder as well as Depression and I’m sure a multitude of other disorders too. While I have been […] Read more

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