Las Nevadas

From here you can easily see the progress I’ve made for the blanket squares of specifically the citizens of Las Nevadas as well as the blog posts that they’re originally from!

I’m always open for suggestions to what you feel I should do next to improve the squares or if you have any other Las Nevadas inspired blanket ideas so please let me know! Comment on here, send me a DM on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr but please don’t be afraid to offer your suggestions!

Flag Post: First Four Flags

(Original flag design by Fundy)


Founder, Leader
Mark One

A pretty simple design based off of the scar Quackity received from his fight with Technoblade after his failed execution

Related blog post: Las Nevadas Part 1 (Mark 1)


Citizen, Builder (right hand man?)
Mark One

A much more complicated design that I’m honestly not very happy with but based off of the gas mask that it is often headcannoned that Sam wears

Related blog post: Las Nevadas Part 1 (Mark 1)


Mark One

A semi-complicated design based off of the UFO he used to live in before it was blown up by Quackity

Related blog post: Las Nevadas Part 1 (Mark 1)


Photo by Vie Studio on

Please please please send me ideas for Fundy’s square I’m so, so torn for what to do for him


Citizen, Builder
Photo by Vie Studio on

(I have Foolish’s design ready and so his will be coming very, very soon!)


Citizen, Spy (Meat! Human Bones!)
Photo by Vie Studio on

I’m begging you once more to send in ideas for Charlie Slimcicle’s design I want to get it right so, so bad and I really, really don’t know what to do please help!!

First Four Flags

I have to say this to start with because holy shit it’s been annoying me but it’s also kind of really funny – I completed a project before these four flags. It’s a rabbit, however, I can’t post about it yet because it doesn’t ever stop raining up in Harris and so I can’t take…

Las Nevadas Part 1 (Mark 1)

Okay so I know that I had said that I was going to be doing the first lot of squares for Tales of the SMP next but as it turned out, I had to order a whole load of wool to arrive (which is also why I haven’t included Foolish’s square here and it’s only…

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