From here you can easily see the progress I’ve made for the blanket squares of specifically the members of the Dream SMP who are canonically dead or have canonically lost all three lives as well as the blog posts that they’re originally from!

I’ll include pictures every time that I create a new square for one of them so that you can see the progress that I’m making!

I’m always open for suggestions to what you feel I should do next to improve the squares or if you have any other blanket ideas so please let me know! Comment on here, send me a DM on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr but please don’t be afraid to offer your suggestions!


Ghost of Wilbur Soot
Mark One

Absolute nightmare to create but pretty proud of how it came out – calm yourselves, have some blue

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Killed by Dream in prison but then revived
Mark One

Naturally I had to do the discs to represent Tommy

Related blog post: Sleepy Bois Mark 1

Wilbur Soot

Killed by Phil but then revived by Dream
Photo by Vie Studio on

(please send me ideas for Wilbur’s square, all I can think of is a train and I just don’t think that’ll work)


Had a heart attack
Photo by Vie Studio on

(please help me I have no idea what to do for him)

Jack Manifold

Died three times but said no to death because he’s that powerful
Photo by Vie Studio on


Sleepy Bois Squares (Mark 1)

Hey guys! Sorry about the brief hiatus from the blog – I’ve been travelling to Scotland and also been spending a lot of time designing patterns – including the patterns for this post! Anyway, this is the first look and attempt at some squares for my Dream SMP-inspired blanket! I chose to do Sleepy Bois…

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