You won’t Bee-lieve what I made this time

Okay I’ve been spending too much time with my brother

Alright boys I made a bee – my dad asked me why so apparently not everyone is of the same opinion as me, which is that bees are just generally beloved and everyone adores them. I don’t understand why anyone disagrees with that and I really don’t understand why my dad doesn’t think that bees are literally the cutest insects in the world but there you go

Anyway, back to the more important point: I made a bee. And I love it

I mean look at his face, my brother says he looks perpetually worried and I do agree but I think it adds to his charm

I cannot name my bee, because they are a gift for a friend. Yes, you heard that right – I have friends. And my bee is going on a big ol’ adventure away from the Isle of Harris (where I’m currently at) all the way to Canada. Basically, a friend from my course had been saying that she was feeling kinda down and I was like, “I know what cheers me up: knitting and bees, put them together, you get a knitted bee” and so I messaged her asking if she wanted them and she was like “YEAH I LOVE BEES”

(yes I did use that as a way to prove it to my dad that my hypothesis regarding bees was and is correct)

But I thought I’d try and do something a little different with this post, and I tried my best to remember to take photos as I went along with this project- though there are some details missing for sure, but that’s okay I’ll get the hang of this “blogging” thing soon!

Honey the Bee

Knitting Pattern by Amanda Berry
Bought from Fluff and Fuzz on Etsy

Made with Snuggly DK Replay Wool
Shades: 110 (Banana Split),
118 (Ice Cream Dream),
121 (Midnight Snack)

So you may be able to tell by now, but when I’m scrolling through Etsy and checking out fun-looking knitting patterns to try out, I do tend to be drawn to those made by Amanda Berry of Fluff and Fuzz. It’s not just because her patterns are literally always adorable but it’s also because when I was first starting out making toys (as scuffed as they were looking back) her patterns were always recommended to me and as a somewhat-beginner knitter (in the toys section at least) her patterns were not only fun, they were also very easy and clear to follow

Now that I’m a bit more used to following patterns, I do branch out more and feel better about following different pattern-makers, but when I’m already stressed enough or Norbert is just being a bitch of a boy again, I do tend to go back to Amanda because I know that I’ll always get something out of it that I enjoy and they are relatively simple!

(if you are a beginner knitter and want to look at starting on toys, I would 100% recommend checking out Fluff and Fuzz as a starting point – if you do want any recommendations for starting points in general just let me know!)

This is just a slight sign of me still getting used to blog lay out for my knitting project posts, but I did actually take this photo after finishing Bee (shock horror)

These are the materials I used – while the pattern actually calls for 3.5mm needles, I always end up using 3.25mm instead – it might not seem a huge difference, and it’s not really in terms of tension I guess? But there is one, I just very much prefer 3.25 needles in general

I also didn’t use my favourite wooden needles, because last night when Norbert started acting up I got all shaky and I save my wooden needles for moments like those and I ended up speed running a frog for my pride-flag animal collection (stay tuned!)

Excuse the fact that this is very clearly from my Instagram story (though, do take this opportunity to follow me over there too for some prime content – hit me up boys)

I’m posting this article on the 13th July, and I took this photo yesterday morning, having been woken up by my dog at 8 or so (may not sound early but you’ll see why it’s important information to remember in just a moment) and made my coffee, sorted out the kitchen and everything before I sat down to get some knitting done

In the meantime, the entire nation was in mourning as we had lost the Euros the previous day

(if my dad was hungover yesterday and I have bullied him about it all of today then that’s no one’s business than mine – and my brother’s because he also joined in. Let’s be clear, it was really funny)

What you can see in the photo, though, is Bee’s body (finished) and about half of his head – the formation of Bee’s head and body was actually a surprise to me, as I had definitely expected to make two separate pieces for it, but to have them knit together from the off made it a whole lot easier when I was sewing it all together

I then promptly forgot how I had promised myself I’d take progress photos as I worked on Bee and instead just got as much knitting done as possible before going over to have lunch with our neighbour

Yesterday, before dropping Bee in favour of some major Therapy Knitting in the form of a Pride Frog, I managed to complete the head and body, the antenna, the eyes and a couple of the legs – the wings I had done the previous day, again forgetting to take photos (I will get better I swear)

While doing that yesterday I caught up on Love Island (can’t believe football took priority smh /j), Hermitcraft and also watched a few comfort episodes of Friends. I also had tomato soup for lunch, which isn’t relevant to the knitting, but I haven’t had it in years and it was just really pleasant to have again

So when I woke up this morning, feeling a million times better than I had the previous day, I only had the final few legs to finish (why, oh why, do bees have so many legs?)

I tried to lay out all the pieces as nicely as possible, but also had to do it pretty quickly because my brother was laughing at me as I was doing it in a very public part of our house…

(also lets appreciate for a moment how nice the yellow wool I used is – I probably should have tried for a brighter one, but that shade was just so pleasant to look at that I couldn’t resist buying it, and I think it was a good move because I love it)

While I was sewing Bee up, I listened to a few episodes of the Chuckle Sandwich podcast as well as the Lovejoy EP because it slaps

Above I put some close up photos of different areas of Bee to give you an idea of how I sewed him up. What I will say, is that I feel as though I should have sewed the wings on a little higher than I did, a little closer together, and I think that I didn’t mould the body quite right as I was stuffing it

(also I’m going to mention it before anyone else does – the back left leg of Bee is higher up than the other five legs. I hadn’t realised until my brother pointed it out but I didn’t fix it out of spite. It just gives him character it’s fine)

I also feel I may have misplaced the eyes (fake eyes again because I despise button eyes and still can’t embroider) and in doing so have given Bee a rather worried-looking face at all times, but again I’m just giving him character. Also I think that it just reflects me as an artist (I’m going to remember that line and use it more often whenever my animals look a little worried or sad)

But overall I am genuinely really, really pleased with how Bee turned out – I wasn’t sure how it would look at the end as I was kinda worried about tackling the legs and also it is a lot of work in sewing it all together, which I was dreading because that is the part that I’m worst at (even though I find actually doing it really relaxing… I don’t know, man) but I think that my skill at sewing it together is improving and it’s showing, especially in Bee, so I am really proud of him

I hope he enjoys the trip to Canada! And I hope that he can bring my friend over there as much joy and comfort as he brought me as I was making him!

The next thing I’m going to be working on is the next four squares of my blanket! I’m finally happy with another four designs so I’m going to try to get them done so stay tuned for that if you’re interested! I’ll probably have a couple of other, smaller projects running alongside that (working on the pride collection, a hat here and there, teaching myself to make socks etc) and if you want to stay updated with all the stuff that I’m working on as it happens, the best place for that is either my Instagram story or my Tumblr page or even my twitter – they’re all linked in the section below if you want to give me a follow over there

In the meantime, though, I hope that you’re all well! I hope that you like Bee as much as I do – I’ve discovered the feedback button now so you can either comment your thoughts publicly or send them privately depending on what you’re comfortable with! Either is very much appreciated though!

Freddie ๐Ÿธ

psst – I also have just set up a Ko-Fi page where if you want to you can support me by donating some money, I have a goal there and everything if you want to check out the page. There’s no pressure to do so at all, but if you want to support me even more than you already are by reading my stuff please consider buying me a coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hi! My name's Freddie, I'm 19 years old and use she/her pronouns. I use knitting as a way to healthily try and cope with my mental health (me and my friends call it Norbert). I mostly make animals though also have branched out into clothing (jumpers and hats mostly) and I thought that blogging about it might be a way to help others who have also been struggling!

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